Vikki is an experienced teacher, and is able to provide lessons to beginner and intermediate students of any age.  She is based in Rawdon, Leeds.

Whether you are an adult looking for lessons, or are looking for lessons for your son or daughter, she would be delighted to hear from you.

She is happy to take on complete beginners, as well as those with a little more experience, and offers the chance to learn the piano and/or cello in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.  

Lessons normally take place on a weekly basis, and last for either 30 minutes or one hour.  Vikki charges £16 for a half-hour lesson, or £26 for an hour.


"Vikki has taught my 9year old daughter piano for around two and a half years. During that time my daughter has progressed from being a complete beginner to gaining a distinction in her grade 1 exam. 

Vikki is very patient with her pupils and looks for the best way to engage them, particularly when they face difficulties with new pieces or techniques. She also encourages her pupils to gain experience of performing with other musicians, for example by organising pupil concerts and playing duets. 

My daughter always looks forwards to her lessons with Vikki and it has been fantastic to see her enjoyment of music grow over the last few years."

"Vikki is an excellent teacher with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality. She is my ten years old son’s Piano teacher.

She encourages him to pay attention to harmonies and structures of the music and develop concentration. I know how well she directs, instructs, inspires, and motivates my son. The best part is that she does this kindly and patiently.

I am very glad that I had the privilege to meet Vikki and her beautiful family, and appreciate her giving my son the opportunity to learn music over the last few years."

"I have known Vikki Hoodless for approximately 2 and a half years. She started teaching my younger daughter cello and has since taught my son piano. Has to be said she also actively encourages/aids my eldest daughter to play/sing also. 

 I watched my younger daughter transform under Vikki’s cello tuition. Her confidence has grown and we have to attribute that mostly to Vikki’s encouragement and nurturing. At her last exam she gained a distinction- you can imagine we are extremely happy not just at the exam result but the whole learning environment Vikki manages to encompass. 

 We are extremely lucky to have such a caring, encouraging tutor, where the students needs musically and emotionally are paramount. 

 My son is taking his time, Vikki has really tried to think outside the box to encourage him to practise and gain confidence. 

 My eldest daughter performed with Vikki recently, this hopefully will be the first of many occasions. 

 I would have no hesitation recommending Vikki to teach as she is so wonderful with my 3 children."

"We were so excited when we found Vikki as a cello teacher for our son! She has been an excellent teacher and musical mentor for him. She brings grace, kindness and a quiet strength to his lessons which are just the elements needed to keep my child on track. We are grateful to have found her and my son’s progress on his instrument is testament to her skill as a teacher and musician."

"Vikki has been teaching me for about 3 years.  I resumed learning to play the piano in my retirement after a break of many years.  She is patient, she has re-motivated me and I look forward to my lessons every week."

"I have been a pupil with Vikki for about 5 months. She has shown me kindness and patience in abundance.  As a mature student and a total beginner I have experienced Vikki's ability to find music appropriate for me to learn and also help me source music suitable for piano at my level that I enjoy listening to and therefore have a keen interest to learn.

Vikki has a very pleasant and approachable manner, she is encouraging, knowledgeable and supportive."

"Genevieve loves her music lessons with you Vikki. She is practising so much more and loves working out the musical arrangements of pop music. Classical music wasn't capturing her imagination and you understood this. Together you are devising lessons around her interests, which is wonderful. Genevieve comes home and jumps on the piano, eager to show us what she has learnt in her lesson with you. She says...I'm really excited for my lesson tomorrow/tonight … which is fantastic for us as parents to witness. 

We want the best for Genevieve and it's great you are nurturing her passion and enthusiasm for the piano. 

She has grown in confidence with her musicianship and we hope this will continue."